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Welcome to Bito's GH

The best setup in Maldives Local Islands, with Cozy Air conditioned Rooms, at Affordable prices!

With an outdoor Restaurant at the front house and a comfy Patio at back house, the place is run solely by a Family that will make you feel nothing but Love, Happiness and part of our Family. Make a getaway and take a small break, come catch some wave, surfing the best spots in Maldives (you deserve it). Just a few minutes of walk away from shops, Cafes, Restaurants and the Beach, it wont be essential for you to take a Bike / Car in this small Island.

Located on Himmafushi Island, 9km from Airport.

We are only a boat ride of 20 minutes away from the Airport. The Island features a beautiful white sandy Beach surrounded by Turquoise Lagoon, and also the friendly Locals who are always known for their Hospitality cannot be forgotten. The Island hosts the famous world class surf spot "Jailbreaks" which can be reached by walk.

Unforgettable Experiences

From Surfing to Diving, Maldives offers unique experiences not only the white sand beaches. There are many activities like Surfing the best Waves, Snorkeling with Turtles & Rays, Diving to see the underwater beauty, Excursions to Sandbanks and many more! Click below for more information.


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